Parenting Programs

Circle of Security Parenting Program

This program aims to educate parents about parent-child attachments, how to foster secure attachments within their families and how to use reflection as a parenting tool.

Magic 123 and Emotion Coaching

This program aims to equip parents and carers skills to manage challenging behaviours. Topics include understanding early brain development, supporting children to respond more flexibly when they are frustrated/upset, teaching parents emotion coaching skills and enforcing boundaries. .(no appropriate website to link to)

Bringing up Great Kids

This program presents parents/carers with knowledge about childhood development, connection with others and an opportunity to reflect on their communication with children. This program aims to create opportunities for mindful reflection and encourage respectful interactions in families.

Infant Massage, Music and Sensory Play/Hello Baby

This program provides a session of baby massage, music and sensory play. Alongside educating new parents about infant care, attachment and childhood development, there is a strong focus on welcoming parents into the centre and providing a space to build new connections, supports and local services. A child health nurse attends weekly to provide a session to parents and a baby check. This is provided weekly during school term

What Were We Thinking? (WWWT?) WWWT?

Is an innovative program, developed by Monash University for parents of their first baby. The program introduces strategies for managing the transition to parenting, explores newborn behaviours, promote healthy sleeping habits and encouragement to form social connections. WWWT provides an opportunity to consider ideas to help parents adjust to changes in their relationship that comes with parenthood. In addition, parents are introduced to the several interactive online spaces that WWWT provides, where parents are able to continue to engage with the concepts discussed in the group setting, through information, resources, an app and blog space. Parents valued the open discussion regarding the challenge of transitioning to a parent and appreciated hearing others stories of navigating the highs and lows of life with a baby.

Sewing Group: Sewing Group with childcare provided.

This group provides a social and creative opportunity for parents to connect and have some respite from their children. This is provided weekly during school term

Wheel of Wellbeing Workshops

Wheel of Wellbeing (WoW) explores everyday ways to improve wellbeing using the WoW framework of Body-be active, Mind- Keep Learning, Spirit- give, People- connect, Place- take notice & Planet- care. The workshops include meditation, gentle stretching/yoga and mindfulness practices.

Abecedarian 3a Playgroup

We partner with Logan Central Library to provide a 3a playgroup, following their First Five Forever session. This partnership enhances the benefits for the clients visiting the library as they are able to access two services in one place.
The Abecedarian Approach places a priority on children’s language acquisition, because language is a proven core of early learning and school readiness. Language allows children to organise their thoughts and explain their ideas; it gives them the means to express their feelings; and it gives them the tools they need to interact with peers and adults. Language also allows the child to use private speech, talking aloud to themselves to work through a problem or regulate their emotions. As a child gets older they internalise this speech so that it is no longer out loud but still a means of guiding their behavior.

Early Childhood Education & Care

KENG is fortunate to have an onsite, licenced limited hours childcare centre. This service is primarily funded through KENG and community fundraising. Families are able to utilise childcare at no cost when they are accessing a program or service in the centre. Where a family has identified need, children are provided care at no cost, which is funded through the EYP and/or other KENG programs. This increases protective factors in a child’s life (educational, social/emotional, preparation for school or simply respite for a parent). The childcare increases access for parents/carers to attend programs as well as children benefiting from quality early childhood education. Childcare is open Tues – Friday 8:30am to 1pm during school term. Parents are encouraged to book their children into the program to ensure they have a childcare place.

Willbert the Worm Literacy Program (WWLP)

The WWLP is a regular event held once a term to promote the benefits of reading, literacy and numeracy in the early years, celebrate with our regular families and invite families to the centre. These events welcome families to KENG where they are able to meet the staff and learn about our services and programs. Families enjoy early educational activities which promote literacy and numeracy, healthy morning tea and each child receives a Wilbert the Worm Literacy Bag. This bag contains a quality, age appropriate early childhood book to encourage home reading in the early years. .

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