KENG welcomes feedback and complaints; we support your right to comment or complain about any aspect of our services. Feedback is essential for us to continue to improve and is treated confidentially.

You can contact us by using the form below or calling the centre on 3808 1684

If you provide your contact details we will contact you to discuss your complaint/feedback, then review it and get back to you with an outcome. If you’re not happy with how we deal with your complaint, you can contact the Manager of KENG on 3808 1684

If after talking to the Manager you’re still not satisfied, you have other options listed below:

To complain about privacy breaches:

To complain about state government agencies or local councils:

If you feel your human rights have been breached and we have not responded adequately to your complaint within 45 business days, you can complain to:

To provide feedback to the funder of the KENG service you used:

If you’re not sure who funds the service you wish to provide feedback about, please contact KENG.

To access advocacy or support from another organisation: